The other day I was trying to open a package of snack crackers and  found myself fighting with the wrapper. There was no way to grab hold of a seam or find an end that was wrapped similar to a Christmas present. Then I did the next logical thing. I tried to use my teeth to open the package (remembering that my Mom warned that you should never use your teeth in such a manner). Nope, that didn’t work either. Finally I grabbed a pair of scissors and began searching the surface of the wrapper for a flaw to cram one of the blades into. Still no success! What was I going to do? I had to have whatever was inside that darned clear covering. Now I was beginning to get really agitated, which in some cases doesn’t take much; this was really starting to get under my skin. That’s when I asked the question; “Whatever happened to cellophane?” (For those of you born after 1974 look up “cellophane” up in your online dictionary.)

Well, I eventually opened the package after I found that little, almost invisible, tab that wraps around the girth of many such packages and aids in unwrapping them. Anyway, I still wondered what had happened to cellophane and why such packages were now wrapped in that impregnable plastic stuff that the snack cracker people use. After I finished the contents my curiosity diminished and eventually I no longer cared what had happened to cellophane.

That is until I walked into a “hair styling salon” (then I began wondering whatever happened to barber shops). As I walked in I was greeted by two young ladies who didn’t even look up from the heads that they were working on with a “Hi, welcome to” (I don’t believe in giving free advertisement to money making businesses). Next a pimpley faced young man with a hairstyle that looked way beyond bad “bed hair” dittoed the greeting and asked for my phone number.

I told him that I don’t give out that information. To which he replied “Do you know how we have you in the computer?”

At this point I really wanted to ask him if he could hum a few bars and I’d try to pick up on it! But I didn’t. I just told him that I wanted to get a haircut. He then just asked for my name. First my phone number, then my name. What next . . . “Would you like to have dinner?” I guess that they need all of that information to prove to their management that they really are cutting hair all day long. I would figure that the boss could walk in the place, see piles of different colored hair on the floor and deduce that for herself!

Where is he going with this you might ask yourself? My answer back to you would also be posed in a question . . . “How did we get to this state in life where things are so complicated”? You can’t call a business today without having to punch “1” for English, “2” for Sales, “3” for Customer Service (I’ve got my theory about Whatever Happened to Customer Service) and so on. Whatever happened to real live people? People who don’t sound like Gunga Din! “Hello. This is Robert Redford. Oh, I am so glad for you to be calling me!”

You can’t even open up an e-mail with pictures attached without having to open up an account at some web site that wants to sell you the pictures that the e-mailer could have sent you for free if they just attached the pictures to the e-mail in the first place! Then there’s facebook!  Go figure.

And then what about “blister packed medicine”? Ever try to get into one of those packages when you desperately need the medication contained in them? Whatever happened to medicine bottles?

Am I missing something here? Did I just wake up from a long sleep like Rip Van Whatever? Why can’t we go back to cellophane wrappers? Is cellophane no longer made? Or, barber shops where Joe greeted you with “Hi, have a seat and we’ll be with you in a minute.” They didn’t need your life history, just a buck-seventy-five.

I guess that I’ll have to admit we can’t go back to the time before blogs. I know, it’s called progress and all of the things mentioned above are history . . . but wasn’t life simpler when we had them?   I guess my generation is luckier than my children’s and grandchildren’s.  Can you imagine what life will be like sixty years from now when someone muses about things that they grew up with that no longer exist?  What will have replaced them?  Scary huh?  What did happen to cellophane anyway?

Have a great day.

Next up: Blister Packs – What Moron is responsible for that fiasco?

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