Once again, I’m going to confess one of my many sins!  (See my previous confession) I’m lazy.  Well, I mean, I look for the easy way out sometimes.  Most of the time I like to couch this fact in more “nebulous” terms by saying something to the effect that “I’m looking for a more efficient way to accomplish this task.”  But for the most part you might just say “Nah.  He’s just lazy!”  I can live with that.

Take this posting for example.  It’s nothing more than a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul as I took one of my pages above, “Wit vs. Wisdom” and brought it down here into the open.  I would imagine that many times when people visit a blog they tend to just look at the item that caught their eye and move on.  I have to admit that I do that periodically.  It’s only when a blogger’s entry really piques my interest that I peruse the remainder of the site.  So I thought I’d give myself a “Get Out of Jail Free” card and not have to do too much thinking to get this posting out plus give others a chance to enjoy another of my brilliant postings!

Some of the gems listed below are original, others are borrowed from real authors and are given credit where credit is due.  So for my first time visitors, I hope that you will enjoy this posting (as I do for all of my first timers) and for you regulars, thanks for humoring me.  So, in keeping with my motto of “Commenting on trivial stuff that you wouldn’t waste your time on!”  I give you . . .


You have not converted a man because you have silenced him.  John Morley

When I was gainfully employed there was one thing I used to really, really hate during important office meetings. That was when someone else’s snoring kept me awake!  JB

Why is it that when we are looking for something we never look where it is, but we always find it in the last place we look.  If we had looked in the last place first, we would have found it sooner! JB

I love this sign seen in an Applebees restaurant:  FREE BEER TOMORROW.  I wonder how many people show up the next day only to find out that the sign says FREE BEER TOMORROW!

Aim for perfection, settle for mediocrity, that’s what I always say! JB

Everything in moderation.  Nothing in excess.  Socrates

A heart full of gratitude is lighter than a heart full of attitude.  JB

“They” must know what “they” are doing, because if “they” didn’t, “they” wouldn’t be where “they” are today! JB

Hate corrodes the vessel that carries it.   Alka Goyal

I have come to the conclusion that the reason men don’t ask for directions is that 9 times out of 10, the person they ask usually answers “Sorry, I’m not from round here, so I can’t help you.”  JB

Sign once posted outside of Bogue Falaya park in Covington, LA.: Let it not be said to your shame that all was beauty before you came.

Sometimes there are no answers to the question “Why?”  JB

Never try to teach a pig to sing, it wastes your time and annoys the pig.  Mark Twain

A little  bit of skepticism is a good thing, without it we’d all be drinking kool-aid in Jonestown. JB

A priest a rabbi and a preacher walk into a bar.  The bartender looks at them and says “Sorry, we don’t do religious jokes in this bar.”  JB

“Forgiveness is a way of life that gradually transforms us from being helpless victims of our circumstances to being powerful and loving co-creators of our reality.” Robin Casarjian

“Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.”  Groucho Marx

My philosophy regarding exercise: No pain, no pain! JB

It’s time for people with Lysdexia and DAA to count up and be standed! JB

A dumb blonde’s response when interviewed about her career: “I’m not an actor, but I play one on tv.”  JB

Today as never before if you keep your shoulder to the wheel, your ear to the ground and your nose to the grindstone, you will wind up with bursitis, an earache and a pointy nose! JB



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3 thoughts on “THE LAZY OLD MAN . . .

  1. Some real gems in here. I especially like “A heart full of gratitude is lighter than a heart full of attitude.” Don’t believe it? Go take a look at the comment sections of most online news outlets and forums.

    I will disagree on one point. I think there always is an answer to the question “why?” One answer is “Why not?” and the other is “Because”. 😉

    Thanks for the grins!

      1. Yep, I sure am! Thanks for stopping by and do come back often. My GP told me to have a glass of red wine each day, so when you drop by again, bring a bottle of Pinot Noir! J.

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