A few thoughts about the Olympics, so far.  The games have just started and already we have some negative comments and events that have created sort of a stir in the news.  We have to remember that the games are being played to showcase the athletic abilities of the world’s young people and not let other “crap” taint the events.

Let’s take a brief look at a few.


First, let’s look at the American team’s uniforms.  Designed by Ralph Lauren.  Great choice, great designer . . . wrong country of manufacture.  Let’s face it, there are probably no better tailors in the world than the Chinese.  But these uniforms are going to represent the best of our young athletes.  Why couldn’t they represent the best of our domestic garment industry as well?  That is if we still have one.  I’m sure Mr. Lauren could have come up with one or two tailors here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. that would be willing to strike up a deal to keep the work here in this country.

While we’re on this subject; why berets?  Well I guess baseball caps wouldn’t look good with the outfit, especially if they were worn backwards or over the left ear. (See my posting in the January Archives to the right titled FASHIONISTA POLICEMANISTA regarding this subject.)


Next, take U.S. presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s comments regarding security in London.

A HYPOTHETICAL SITUATION: Let’s say that Mitt’s beautiful wife Ann has just gotten dressed for a swanky casual affair with their friends over at Bain Cap and has donned a pair of snug fitting Kelvin Clyne jeans and a nice sparkly John Cloud Van Dam top.  She’s proud of her choices in apparel and thinks that she will do her hubby proud as his trophy wife.  Which BTW, I believe she is more than . . .  She’s a classy, gorgeous lady.  But just to be on the safe side, she asks if the jeans make her look fat.  He gives her his honest opinion.  She instantly smacks him up side the head with a two-by-four that she keeps at her bedside for just such occasions.  Is she justified?  In her opinion, a resounding, yes!  Why?  Because that’s not what she wanted to hear.

Mitt, buddy, just like your beautiful slim wife, that’s not what the Brits wanted to hear.  There was probably a scintilla of truth in your answer but in their minds they were probably thinking, “Well why doesn’t the bloody fool just ask us for our security plan so that he can just hand it over to those, vile, bad chaps!”  Think about it.


We were told in advance by the director, Danny Boyle, that we shouldn’t go to the bathroom during the first fifteen minutes of the performance.  He failed to mention that any time after that would be perfectly fine.  The theatrical transformation of England from an agrarian society to an industrial megaforce was by far the best Olympic Games opening ceremony we’ve seen this year.  End of story.  Unfortunately, not the end of ceremonies.  One word “BORING” from minute sixteen and beyond.

The tribute to the British National Health System; what can I say other than “It must have been on life support.”  Give me our screwed up healthcare system any day. That is if by some chance the producers of some future Super Bowl halftime show should want to pay tribute to any future American National Healthcare System.  Let’s hope not . . . that we not have a NHS.

And what was the deal with the two young star-crossed lovers and the telephone; whew?!!!!!!  What was that all about?

Sir Paul McCartney was probably great as ever, however I didn’t stick around for the “Parade of  Nations” or anything after that.  Sorry Sir Beatle.

Cameos and appearances by Kenneth Branagh, Rowan Atkinson and David, Bend It Like, Beckham, Mike Oldfield, Dame Evelyn Glennie and a cast of thousands.

One last note: Boy the producers sure had all of those ascending and descending actors perfectly timed.  That in itself was a magnificent feat.  Kudos to you guys!


One thing undeniably noticeable about the honorable Queen Elizabeth was her demeanor.  Maybe she was a little shaken after parachuting out of that helicopter.  At 87, one would have to surmise that it  would take some time for her to compose herself after such a feat.  I only hope that I can do that at 87.  If you’ll remember, she didn’t crack a smile until the very end of the tableau.  C’mon m’lady, you’re paying for all of this, at least look like you are enjoying it!”   I didn’t notice her picking her nails until I saw a snapshot of it on the net this morning. (YAWN)

Queen Mum: “Oh the banality of it all.  Can we go now Philip?  I must go shopping tomorrow for a new hat for the closing ceremonies.”

Prince Philip: “Yes, m’lady.  I shall summon the pumpkin and mice presently.”


Now it’s time to extend our best wishes to all of the participants for safe and trouble-free activities and that the games go off without a hitch.  I’m sure the Brits did a bang up job on security planning.  After all they are the ones who survived the blitz during the “Big One” back in ’40 and ’41.

To the athletes, enjoy yourselves whether you make it to the podium or not.  For many of you, it will probably be the last chance you will have to enjoy such a trip under such unique circumstances.  For many it will be the last.  Don’t let disappointment rule the day.

The experience, savor it.  Sniff it.  Roll it around on your tongue like a fine, aged wine.  Close your eyes and take in the sounds.  Inhale deeply.  Experience the experience.

Get addresses and phone numbers, keep in touch.  Just remember, friends are gifts God gives you to cherish.



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  1. OK, I confess. I didn’t see the opening ceremonies, and I won’t watch much of the Olympics. Still, I’ve been paying enough attention to know what some of the “issues” have been, and you did a great job of discussing them.

    And I love your closing paragraphs. It is – or should be – the experience that counts. A medal? Great. That’s gravy. The memories are available to everyone.

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