Barbara Lucas, vice regent for Maryland's Mount Vernon Ladies' Association, led everyone in the National Anthem during Wednesday's naturalization ceremony.


What don’t they understand about the word “illegal“? (I think we all know who they are).  An online dictionary defines the word as:

    1.forbidden by law or statute.

    2.contrary to or forbidden by official rules, 

    regulations, etc.: The referee ruled that it was

    an illegal forward pass.

Pretty cut and dried and simple to me, or am I missing something here?  Let me give you a simple example of what I am talking about that we can all relate to.


I decide to throw a party for all of my friends ( for the sake of argument we’ll pretend that I have more than three) and I send out elaborate personal invitations.  In the invitations I plainly state that I desire that all of the invitees bring their favorite dish,  the beverage of their choice and show up at my place at 7:00 P.M. on Saturday evening the 14th. I advise them that this will be a semi-formal affair. I also state that I’ll supply setups, ice, flat ware and plates and bowls, etc., etc.  I also include an RSVP.  Now, we will say that these are the “official” rules of the party and since I am the host and it is my home, I can make the rules.

I am delighted that of all the invitees respond in the affirmative and so I plan accordingly.  With me so far?  Good.  So at 7 P.M. on the 14th my guests begin arriving at my front door.  I am ecstatic that so many people think highly enough of me and my home that they grace me with their presence :).


But, around 8 P.M. I begin to notice that there are people at the party that I don’t recognize and don’t even know.  Plus they are not dressed in stated party attire.  I begin to approach them and inquire as to their names and what brings them to my home.  I am told that they had heard that there was going to be a festive gathering at this location complete with food and beverages, so they decided to come and take part in it.  But since the front door was tended to by someone dressed in formal attire asking to see an invitation, they decided that since they had no invitation, the back door would probably be their best method of entrance.  You see, I hadn’t anticipated this happening, so I didn’t post anyone at the back door.  Silly me!

To make matters worse, when I politely ask these “party crashers” to leave, they refuse and demand that I continue to provide them with food and beverages.  They claim that there is more than enough for everyone and that all the guests should share with them.  And since they have been here for quite some time, they are entitled to stay as long as they like.  At this point many of my guests are beginning to get agitated and let me know in no uncertain terms that they are displeased with the crashers and expect me to remedy the situation.  It is my home and my party and if I don’t, they will take matters into their own hands!  I say many of my guests, because there are one or two who believe that I should let them stay, much to the consternation of the majority.  (Don’t worry about the few, I’ve instructed my doorman to let the air out of their tires.)  What’s a host to do?


I think that you would have to agree that this is a pretty simple description of a complex problem that the U.S. government is grappling with these days.  And I would submit to you that I believe that many of the people involved in governing our nation are the “THEY” mentioned above who have no concept of the definition of the word “illegal”.

This was brought to light this week in Florida when a young man, who was brought to this country illegally when he was six years old, applied for, and was refused a license to practice law in the state.  The reason for the refusal, he is an “illegal” alien.  He’s now headed to the Florida Supreme Court demanding that he be given a law license.  Who do you think is going to pay for his selfish desire to fight the system?

What do the people involved in supporting this young man not understand about one simple word, “illegal”?  Sure, he went to college, of course he went to law school, certainly he passed the bar exam.  But he’s not a legal citizen of this country.  How can he have the nerve to demand his rights to uphold and defend the laws of this country when he himself is a law-breaker?  He did not come here legally, regardless of the circumstances, therefore he is an “illegal alien”.  End of story!  I for one am baffled beyond belief!


If he wants to practice law in the United States, then he can become a citizen.  Going through the process can’t be any harder than graduating from college and law school.  Yes, I understand that he had nothing to do with his illicit entry into this country.  But he can do something about a proper path to citizenship.  I’m sure that he realizes that he is making a mockery of the system that has allowed all of the people who have gone before him to follow the “legal” process to gain citizenship?

Aren’t government officials, and that includes the president of the United States, aware that we have laws pertaining to such activities and that those laws are to be adhered to by everyone and not ignored for the sake of expediency and/or political gain?  Sure they are!  Or do we just advocate ignoring the laws that don’t fit our lifestyle or personal preferences?  I believe that borders on anarchy.  I ask again, “What don’t they understand about the meaning of the word “illegal?”

This country was founded, and developed over the years, by individuals from other countries who denounced totalitarianism in exchange for the freedom and liberty our  constitution  affords anyone willing to follow the “official rules”.  That constitution is now in jeopardy of being destroyed by a few people bent on re-writing it without the benefit of the due process that this one young man wants to be a part of, “illegally”.  How contradictory!

Anyone who has ever been a member of the Jaycees will remember the organization’s creed.  In that statement of belief there is one phrase that stands out more than any other; “That government should be of laws rather than of men . . . ” Government should be of LAWS, not of men.  Yes, men make the laws, but those same men should abide by those laws.


I really hope that this young man does get his license to practice law in the state of Florida, or any other state for that matter.  But only after he has completed the LEGAL process to become a LEGAL citizen of these United States of America and not one second before.

And finally, I hope that our elected officials will stop and think about the practice of picking and choosing which laws they want to enforce.  But, somehow I think that the license will be granted before that happens.




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  1. I believe you have hit the problem on the head with a sledgehammer. While I do not necessarily bemoan the fact that they are here, I am mad about how they are given special treatment. There is a thing called common sense that seems to have disappeared altogether in government. There are poor people of all races and genders here in the USA. But it seems only that if you were born white they automatically assume that you have had the best of everything so we will take your tax dollars and give to someone else. I am getting on my worst rant, so I will stop right now before I say something that would incite the racial police to show up at my door and take me off into oblivion.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I really appreciate it. As to your question about what happened to Common Sense, I addressed that same subject on January 26th of this year in a posting titled “Elongated Ear Canals”. You might want to check it out in the Archives. Once again, thanks for stopping by and please come again soon. J.

  2. Hi, J ~ First, I have to tell you I just found your comment on the Ghirardi Oak lurking about in my spam files. I have no idea how it got there, but I always skim that page before I delete anything, so I found it. Thanks for stopping by – now I understand why you sent that little email, too!

    As for this post – yes. Or, perhaps that should be, Yes. We’ve got ourselves a huge problem with the border, both with illegal immigrants and with the drug cartels. In two days there have been two relevant stories – the closing of nine interior Border Patrol stations, and the decision of a newspaper in Nuevo Laredo to stop publishing stories about the drug cartels after someone showed up at their offices with a grenade launcher. That’ll get your attention. Interestingly, the drug lords appear to be going after folks using social media to share news, too.

    There’s one interesting little sidelight to all this. Not every immigrant to this country – those now citizens and those still in process – are happy with the situation, either. I know a few folks from Salvador, Guatemala and so on who’ve really struggled to get here and get established. They’re pretty well peeved about this amnesty business – they’re no more eager to see their work disappear than anyone else.

    1. It’s nice to hear that I’m not the only one who feels this way. I also have a friend from Europe who immigrated to the gold ol’ U S of A and became a legal citizen. It peeves him that others demand their rights to be one of us by default rather than go through the LEGAL process. As always, thanks for stopping by. J.

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