I just felt compelled to get serious for a moment . . . seriously, no foolishness.  Today is Memorial Day here in the good ol’ US of A as described in one of my last posts.  And it got me thinking, how many people in this country today realize the severity of the meaning of Memorial Day?  It’s not just the beginning of summer as some think, it is not just a day to have barbecues and swim parties or trips to Disneyland.  It’s a day to remember the men and women of this country beginning  in the days preceding and during the American Revolution back in the mid 1700’s who died to get us where we are today.  People who decided that living under the tyranny of the king of England was not how they wanted to live and decided to revolt against his rule.  Some of those people died to make this a country free of unfair religious requirements, taxation, imprisonment without cause and cruel and unusual punishment.

It’s about the men and women who died during the war of 1812 when once again, Britain tried to take control of our government through unscrupulous practices.

It’s about one section of this country that decided that slavery was an appropriate way to promote commerce at the expense of others and the war that was ultimately fought to end the practice.  Once again, men and women died to fight injustice.  Not injustice from a foreign invader, but from our own people.

It’s about men and women who died fighting two wars in Europe and the south Pacific to not only protect our own freedom, but the freedoms of those who could not defend themselves.  One of those countries was the one who twice tried to take our liberties away.

It’s about men and women who died trying to free two countries in the Orient from tyranny.  And men and women who are dying today in the middle east avenging the deaths of over three thousand innocent Americans on September 11, 2001.

I firmly believe that there are too many Americans in this country  who haven’t the vaguest idea of what it took to get us where we are today.  To protect the rights of American citizens in this country and abroad.  Too many people who believe that those sacrifices were made just so they could sit on their haunches with their hands out and ask “What are you gonna do for me today?”

No, my friend, that is not the reasons that those sacrifices were made.  They were made to give us the opportunity to go out and do for ourselves.  To earn a living, not have one handed to us.

I have another question. How many people do you see illegally sneaking across the border trying to get into Communist China, or Mexico, Venezuela, Somalia, or any other third world country?

Around the turn of the 2oth century millions of people legally immigrated to this country seeking a better life for themselves and their families.  They didn’t sit with their hands out asking “What are you gonna to do for me today?”  They got jobs, hard jobs, dirty jobs and earned their way to U.S. citizenship legally.

Too many people don’t know the costs that were paid by our forefathers to get America where it is today.  They think that the ride is free.  It’s not!

And for those who think that our borders are open for their convenience, I’d like to see them try to sneak into Disneyland and demand that they be given free access to all of the rides and attractions there.  They’d get thrown out on their butts.  Why should it be different with American society and the privileges that citizens who are willing to live, work and yes, sometimes die for, enjoy?

I have no problem with Americans who are able to, and do work.  I have no problem with those who come here legally and go through the correct process to become citizens.  To both groups I say “GOD bless you”.  It’s those who think that they are entitled to, for free, what others have paid for that I have considerable disdain.

Think about it.



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